Complexity and Contradiction

Bharat or better known as India comes as a paradox. It has a sophisticated population that produces some of the best trained tech people in the world. And yet it comes with a population of immense poverty. The birth place of two major religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. And yet its tolerance level is high it plays host to numerous faiths and kindly incorporates their traditions and holidays into the culture. Many famous people particularly writers have paid a visit. When one reads their words they always state if one goes to India be prepared to change. Change you will.

The values of India developed strongly. Life centers around family. The traits of human warmth, gentleness, politeness and kindness permeate their life. Creativity and compromise abound in its cities and rural areas. It is not a place one can understand from the outside looking in. Many have said it is a place one has to experience because so much of what India is can not be described but must be felt. Add to this it is the world’s largest democracy.

India never lost its connection with its past. Its traditions and honoring of elders keeps them centered. Several centuries all at once are occurring in India all the time. They handle it without hesitation. One cannot look at India through western eyes. Mother India has never been western and not really even eastern. Mother India is unique.


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