Moenjodaro and the Indus River

Moenjodaro rises above the Indus River. Its nearly 5000 year history gives more questions than answers. The ruins come sophisticated with a drainage system, unbaked bricks and has been classified as a World Heritage Site. Many of the ruins are covered in a hieroglyphic script that has yet to be deciphered. Much excavation and study needs to happen since the cities first expedition did not occur until 1920.

The builders of the city had its residents safety in mind. The Indus valley civilization and Moenjodaro are in a zone that receives frequent earthquakes even today. The walls of the buildings were made to fall outwards in case of such a disaster. The city developed because of a large agricultural system that had a large stone granary that offered entrances for carts and ducts to circulate air around the compound.

Central to Moenjodaro rises what is called the Great Hall. From its construction and side verandas it has been said to be a sign of intricate social organization for civil functions or government functions. Great public bath house came with the city as well.

Moenjodaro sat on the Indus River itself and provided a major hub to import and export goods.

Moenjodaro Museum houses some of the possible tokens shipped down the Indus River such as children’s toys, dancing girl statue, pottery, seals and beads. Artifacts of this distinct creations have been found in other parts of India and in the Mesopotamia region.

Presently the Indus River that gave it life centuries ago had risen to erode parts of the site. UNESCO has designated a project to help alleviate some to this stress and preserve as much of the city as possible. Though the city shows signs of rebuilding no one knows what exactly caused the demise to the civilization. A mystery of the utmost proportion to be solve. The deciphering of the script would most likely change some of our most cherished ideas of ancient civilization. Let us hope in the next archaelogical digs more is discovered and the key to the language revealed.


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