Thank you Jesus. I got a good letter.

Dear Mary,

This is just a notification email to inform you that your book “The Grand New Delhi Escapade” has been featured in our weekly BSBRA Newsletter sent to over 40,000 publishing professionals each week. This is a dual language newsletter sent in Chinese and English in which we will be highlighting 2 international publishers who have books available for foreign rights purchase as well as a new section featuring the bestselling titles from SBPRA. Our hope is to get inquiries on your title for copyright negotiations or wholesale orders. We will keep you posted on the feedback we receive should there be serious buying intent shown. Once again thank you for your participation with BSBRA and we look forward to representing your titles abroad in the best light possible.

Please find attached a sample of the English version for your reference.

Best Regards,

Chris Pine
Best Selling Books Rights Agency
Publish on Demand Global


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